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MirageCraft Store

Welcome to the MirageCraft Store. Here you can purchase a variety of digital goods such as ranks, Pokémon tokens, Mirage Crystals (PokéBuilder currency), crate keys, boosters, and more!

Believe it or not, it is not particularly cheap to run a modded Minecraft server. There are lot of costs that go into it, including but not limited to the server hosting, web hosting, build projects, plugin development, and advertising. 

By purchasing or donating, you are showing your support to the server and helping to keep it alive! Your generous purchases are reinvested into improving the server so we can provide you with the best gameplay experience with the highest quality of service possible! We offer a variety of awesome perks to make it worth your while, so check them out, and if you are interested, please consider making a contribution!

MirageCraft is not affiliated with Mojang AB

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